FIT Women 50

Girls, I propose you a challenge: to get FIT at 50.

After spending time encouraging my friends and taking them with me to the gym and seeing how they have changed, I decided to train as a Health and Wellness Coach aimed to to be there to those women over 50 who want to get FIT.

For me, it is a new and exciting challenge, which is in line with my other projects: taking care of others and helping you to be as happy as possible. As a coach and doctor, I will help you to achieve it, not only from a motivation point of view, but also, in a healthy point of view, because the reality is that:
We don't want to look like 30, we want to enjoy our 50s healthy and happy!

This is a project with two objectives:

1. The happiness of creating an on-line Club of irresistible Women at 50: a club of real women, where we can talk and share our experiences. Do you want to sign up? Or do you want to join this group?: @MujeresFIT50
Club in which I will tell you the keys to get FIT, the most useful strategies on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

I am going to tell you:

How to plan yourself, what exercises to do according to our age, which consists of consuming as much as possible with the least effort or wear possible.
The importance of good nutrition, not diet, to preserve muscle.
How to make your brain play on your team, in your favour.
How to manage emotions and reflect on your motivation, the engine that will lead you to cross the finish line.

After all these years of working and dedicating ourselves to those we love, now we have to invest time in ourselves and take care of ourselves, we have earned it and we deserve it.

I propose you to enjoy this challenge without stress, because there is no rush, you have the rest of your life to get FIT.

2. Do a PRO-aging Coaching, which its main objective is to model our body in order to be able to enjoy it for the maximum number of years with an unbeatable autonomy, independence and quality of life.
Becoming FIT to be healthier and feel happier, that's what it's all about. To remind you that beauty is also inside us and that you can be more attractive when you are older than when you are younger.

At 50 we are not going to give up.

I'll show you that becoming FIT at our age is possible, and believe me, if you get FIT at 50:

The Award is You!

If after reading the book you dare to get FIT and you think I could help you as a Doctor and Coach, you not only have to propose it, but you will also have to contact me ;)

Welcome to the Club!