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Sylvia was born on Sunday July 5th in Barcelona and and currently resides in her hometown after spending sixteen wonderful years in Santander.

She studied medicine at the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona (UCB) and specializes in Neuroradiology.

She is collegiate as Full Registered Member with Licence to Practise at the UK General Medical Council (GMC) and, actually, she works as a Consultant Neuroradiologyst at European TeleMedicine Clinic (ETMC).


Revista RACC - Marzo 2018

Her fascination with the brain, her concern and interest in how we think, her curiosity about human nature and vocation of wanting to help others, leads her to embark on writing a book that tries to unravel the keys of what makes us irresistibly happy and how we can govern our brain to play in our favour.

She has published two books of poetry: A FUEGO in 2011 and AIRE in 2014 with Devenir Editorial, and a practical philosophy book: MAKE HAPPINESS WANT YOU! in 2016.

She is a lover of the sea and nature and as a walker enjoys the gardens and beaches of Barcelona.

Vital, optimistic, passionate and with a rebellious streak, she is strongly convinced that this new book will drive you to Make Happiness Want You.

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